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Services Offered
Beautiful Canoe

We craft bespoke software according to our clients' needs,while developing the people who do it. Our work is done by student interns, whom we mentor through the software development process. We make use of the latest technologies and in-house agile coaching, to ensure the highest quality software and experience for our interns.

We are a non-profit-making organisation associated with Aston University, reinvesting our surplus to develop the leaders of the future.Our clients range from professors to peers,and our projects from forensics to pharmacy.Our community of developers & designers has a passion for learning new ways to achieve your goals for your software.

Our team includes graduates, placement students and undergraduates from a range of backgrounds, dedicated to crafting beautiful software.

Our Values

Craft - We see our software development as our craft. We value craftsmanship and attention to quality.

Joy - We are here because we enjoy and value what we do, and because it makes us happy.

Flow - We believe that we do our best work when we achieve a state of flow. We are deeply immersed in what we do, and see our adaptivity as natural state of being.

Edge - We embrace challenge, acknowledging that challenging oneself is often uncomfortable. We believe that this is when we learn the most.

Openness - We believe in transparency, honesty and the sharing of knowledge. We acknowledge the massive impact free and open source software has had both on the world and our work, and aim to contribute wherever we can.

Beautiful Canoe, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET